Amazon Fire HD 8 Review

 Amazon Fire HD 8 Review

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Amazon Fire HD 8 is one of the cheapest tablets available at present. It may not be the best performing tablet you can find. But it provides some good features for a low price. Also this tablet provides a good optimized performance for gaming.

Price of this tablet lies at $79.99 which is extremely low when compared with the other tablets available. This low price is the key highlight of this product. But also there are few serious drawbacks of this device. Those good features and drawbacks are discussed below in detail.


Fire HD 8 is equipped with quad-core 1.3GHz processor and 1.5GB of RAM. Internal storage capacity lies at 16GB which is extremely good for a low price tablet. 32GB version is also available for a higher price. Also there is a microSD card slot that allows upto 256GB of extra storage. Furthermore this tablet is installed with Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system.


Even though this device has an Android OS, Amazon has modified the OS to have their own interface. So the interface is different than that of a regular Android device. Amazon is using this device to promote their services. For that they use advertisements and have installed relevant apps in the device. Google Playstore is not available in this device. Instead they have installed their own Amazon Appstore.


Amazon Fire HD 8 comes in a colorful design. It consists of a 8 inch screen with 1200 x 800 resolution (189 ppi) and a colorful plastic back cover. Buttons and sockets are placed along the top edge. This device comes in 4 colors blue, tangerine, magenta and black. Also this tablet is 9.2mm thick which is thicker than other tablets such as Apple iPad Pro.


Fire HD 8 is equipped with a 2MP rear camera and VGA front camera. These two cameras have extremely poor picture quality. It is a major drawback of this device. It is clear that this tablet is not designed to take photos. Furthermore rear camera lets you recording 720p quality HD videos which seems sufficient for a tablet with this price level.


Unfortunately the speakers of this device have a poor quality. So you can’t play music tracks by the speakers and expect to listen to good quality music. It is among main drawbacks of this device.

Gaming Performance

This tablet offers a really good gaming performance. It is capable of running high end games also. It is a main highlight of this device. But the screen resolution is not that satisfactory. This poor screen quality affects the video gameplays as well as video playbacks.


3210mAh internal Li-Po battery allows using the device for about 12 hours with mixed usage. But when you play videos or use higher screen resolution this battery lifetime will drop significantly. Also it will take about 6 hours to charge the device which is very high time compared with the other competitors.

Good thing about this tablet is the extremely low price. But there are some significant drawbacks of this device. Because of that this device may not suite everyone. So make sure to check whether this tablet suite your requirement before buying it.


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