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Apple Watch 3
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Without any doubt Apple Watch 3 is the best performing smartwatch available so far. It is empowered with some useful features that lift itself to the top position. Availability of LTE Cellular connectivity and remarkable fitness features are the main highlights of this smartwatch.

LTE (Cellular) vs Non-LTE

Actually there are two versions of Apple Watch 3 available, one with LTE and the other one without LTE. The version with LTE is expensive than the one without LTE. Apple Watch 3 with LTE will cost you about $399 while Apple Watch 3 without LTE is priced at $329.

Also there’s an another difference between these two versions, which is internal storage capacity. The LTE version has a 8GB internal storage while the Non-LTE version has a 16GB storage. After considering these differences Non-LTE version seems to be the favorite.

The LTE version provides the cellular connectivity and high speed internet to your smartwatch. Therefore you can make and receive phone calls to your smartwatch independently from your iPhone. Also with high speed internet you can stream music tracks online.

With the Non-LTE version still you can answer incoming phone calls, send and receive messages and receive notifications. But you need to connect your smartwatch to your iPhone to accomplish those tasks. Also you can’t originate phone calls with the Non-LTE version.

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Apple Watch 3 is equipped with a S2 dual-core processor. This has resulted in increasing the processing speed drastically. Also this smartwatch in installed with watchOS 4 operating system.

Unfortunately this smartwatch support only iOS smartphones and doesn’t support Android smartphones. It is a significant drawback of this device.


The design of Apple Watch 3 is extremely similar to the Apple Watch 2. It has an attractive and elegant looking design. Also this smartwatch is equipped with a 1.53″ OLED display which provide clear and bright pictures. Also there are different types of bands available. So you can pick the one that suite you most. Furthermore this smartwatch is water resistant. Therefore when you wear this smartwatch you don’t need to worry about being around water.


Apple Watch 3 is an excellent smartwatch for fitness tracking. This device consists of a very accurate and more advanced heart rate sensor. It is used to monitor your heart rate while you do exercises, running or resting. It is also capable of recording your heart rate. And it lets you view those recorded data in chart format.

Furthermore this device consists of a GPS module that let you keep a track of your path of travel when you do running or walking. Also this device’s ability to answer incoming calls is helpful when you are running or walking. You don’t need get your smartphone out of your pocket. You can just answer the call while you run. Also you can keep listening to songs online or offline while you are running.

Battery Life

This device has a remarkable battery life. It can last 2 complete days if used connected with a smartphone. If used standalone it will last for a single day. Those values are for mixed usage. But if you use LTE connectivity or use your smartwatch while doing exercises battery life will drop significantly. But still you will remain a good battery life.

When consider the features mentioned above it is evident that Apple Watch 3 is leading the smartwatch industry. Attractive features and high performances of this device provide a better experience to the user.

We hope that this review is helpful for you to get information about this product. If you have any thoughts please leave a comment.

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