Facebook Maessenger: You’ll be able to delete your sent messages soon

Facebook Messenger
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That’s How it started

Social media giant Facebook has revealed that they are going to let users delete sent messages on Facebook Maessenger. This came after facebook deleted some messages sent by their CEO Mark Zuckerberg to safeguard the privacy of their CEO’s important communications. This may be influenced by the well known Sony Pictures hack in 2014.

What we know

Officials from facebook revealed that they are going to expand the same feature to their facebook messanger users. This feature is to be named as “unsend” and the officials have confirmed that this will launch within several months.

But more details about this feature have not revealed yet. Also the functionality of this unsend feature is unknown as yet. Anyway it will let you delete your sent messages after a specific time delay. This time delay is yet to know.

But, they are not the first

Some other social media apps have already implemented this feature before Facebook messanger. In last year the WhattsApp app that is owned by facebook granted their users the ability to delete sent messages. Previously they were capable of deleting messages after 7 minute time delay. But later the time delay was changed to a complete hour.

Yes, it’s useful

This feature is very useful for the users. If you sent a message by a mistake or if you felt that the message you sent is not suitable you can delete it easily.watts

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