Google Chrome Introduces Support for Oculus Rift

 Google Chrome Oculus Rift
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The popular web browser Google Chrome has recently added support for Oculus Rift. This is done in the version 66 of the Chrome browser. Due to this feature you can use Oculus Rift on Chrome to browse internet on VR and use supported WebVR applications.

How News Emerged

Even though Google didn’t publicly launched this feature this was first identified by a group of Reddit users. A group of users on “Oculus” subreddit of Reddit has observed this feature on “Experiments” section of Chrome.

Supported Platform

At the moment this feature only available for Windows 10 version of the Chrome. Also unfortunately it is not available for Mac. This is understandable that an Oculus connected to a Mac PC may not able to run VR apps properly.

The History

As yet the WebVR applications are available only for mobile versions of the Chrome. First the WebVR experience was introduced only to Daydream ready Android devices. Later they started supporting any Android device compatible with Google Cardboard. Then in September 2017 Google added a new feature to Chrome allowing Daydream headset users to browse the web in VR mode using a viewer built on mobile version of Chrome.

What Can Do

Now with the introduction of Oculus Rift support users can browse web in VR mode on Chrome on a desktop computer using Oculus Rift. Also can use WebVR Applications.

Content Availability

As yet there are limited amount of content available for High Tech WebVR viewing on internet. Google has started new partnerships to introduce new content. Therefore hopefully new good content will be available in near future.

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