How To Increase RAM on Your PC For Free

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When you don’t have a sufficient RAM capacity in your PC it will slow down your computer. If you are facing difficulties with your PC or laptop due to low RAM and you can’t afford to spend money for a new RAM, this method is the ideal solution for you.

In this article we explain you how to increase RAM on your PC or Laptop without buying a new RAM. This method is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems.

In this method we use a portion of your hard disk as a new RAM. So that hard disk portion adds to the existing RAM to increase total RAM capacity of your computer.


Step 1

Right click on “My Computer” icon and click on “Properties”.


Step 2

Click on “Advanced System Settings” in top left corner of the window.


Step 3

Now select “Advanced” tab. Under “Performance” section click on “Settings”.



Step 4

Then select “Advanced tab” and click on “Change”.



Step 5

Now click on “Custom Size”.

Now you can see 2 blank boxes next to “Initial Size” and “Maximum Size”. In here you need to enter the amount of extra RAM you need in MBs. Since 1GB equals to 1024MB you should multiply amount of GBs you need for RAM with 1024.

For example lets say you need 2 GB  of extra RAM.

1024 X 2GB = 2048 MB

So you need to enter resulting MB value in the 2 blank boxes mentioned above. Please see how the 2 values entered in following image.


Finally click on “Set” and then click “Ok”.

You will need to click “Ok” again for 2 times.

Then it will ask to restart your computer. Click on “Restart Now”. These settings will effect only after you restarted your computer.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully increased RAM of your computer without spending money.

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