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Google Cloud Print
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If you are a user of an Android device you know the power of Android devices. Android devices can do a lot of tasks ranging from sending text messages to viewing different kinds of documents and finding locations using GPS. These devices make your life easier. Now you can print documents using Android devices.

What makes this interesting is that you don’t need a wireless enabled printer to do this. Google has introduced a feature called Cloud Print that let you print wireless by linking your printer to your Chrome account. It means the printer connects to the internet. Therefore you can operate your printer from anywhere.

Linking Printer to Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print

Most printers available these days comes with wireless capabilities. But this feature gives you the comfort of printing documents from your Android device even if you don’t have a Bluetooth or WiFi enabled printer. This is where Google Cloud Print comes in to play. With Google Cloud Print you can link your printer and your Android device to your Chrome account and print your documents. But this feature don’t support all the printer models. The listed of supported printer models is mentioned here.

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your computer
  2. Log into your Google Chrome account
  3. Select menu button on top-right corner of the browser
  4. Then click on settings
  5. Scroll down and click on Advanced
  6. Scroll further down and click on “Google Cloud Print” under Printing section
  7. Click on “Manage Cloud Print Devices”
  8. Click on “Add Printers”
  9. Then you will see a list of available printers. Check all the printers you need to use and Click on Add Printers. It will link your printer to your Chrome account.

Prepare Android Device for Printing

Google Cloud Print

Certain Android devices comes with Google Cloud Print application pre-installed. If it is not installed you can find it on Google Play and install into your phone or tablet as do for other applications.

Once you installed the app inside your phone you don’t need to open the app every time to print a document. It adds to the software of the phone as a plugin. One important thing is that you should use the same Chrome account for linking the printer and for your Android device.

  1. Open the document you need to print
  2. Click on menu button in top-right corner and then click on Print
  3. Click on arrow sign located next to “Save as PDF”
  4. Now click on the printer you setup previously. If the printer is not available click on “All printers…” to get a list of all available printers.
  5. Then click on print button to start printing

Printing Emails and Web Pages

Google Cloud Print

Furthermore this feature lets you print your emails or web pages. You have to follow the same procedure to do this task.

  1. Open the gmail or web page in chrome browser
  2. Go to menu button on top-right corner and click on print
  3. Now choose the correct printer
  4. At last click of Print to start printing

With this feature document printing has become much easier. Also you don’t need to waste your valuable time moving your documents to desktop computer and printing.¬†Hopefully more printers will be added in future to the list of printers support this feature.

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