Samsung to Launch Dex Pad Soon

Samsung Dex Pad
Photo credit: TheBetterDay on VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

Samsung recently announced the launch of their new product Dex Pad. Officials from Samsung declares that the product will be launched on 13th May.


Price of the Dex Pad is fixed at $99.99. You have the facility to pre-order this product on Samsung’s official website. Also importantly you can get a free Dex Pad if you order a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone through Samsung’s website.

What is Dex Pad?

Samsung Dex Pad

Photo credit: TheBetterDay on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NDDex Pad is a small docking device that convert your Samsung Galaxy smartphone in to a computer. This device is actually an improved version of Samsung’s Dex Dock.

How it works?

You should place your smartphone flat on the Dex Pad. Then connect a monitor and a keyboard to the Dex Pad using USB and HDMI ports. Now you can either use your smartphone as a trackpad or you can simply connect a mouse to the Dex Pad and use it. Now you can use this setup as a complete PC like workstation.


This device has a better resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels which is much higher than the resolution of Dex Dock (1080p). This higher resolution is an important advantage of the Dex Pad. But what disappointing is that you don’t get an Ethernet port on the Dex Pad.


As per the Samsung they have made agreements with dozens of partners to build applications that are optimized to use with Dex Pad. These applications include Microsoft Office and products of Adobe.


It may not be a perfect computer. But with this device you will be able to do many activities done using computers. Also due to the higher resolution you have the comfort to play games and watch movies in big screens with better quality pictures. Samsung Dex Pad is clearly a useful device and have the potential to become very popular among Samsung smartphone users.

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