Sprint and LG Announce Launch of First 5G Smartphone is Imminent

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In last December, 3GPP – the organization responsible for establishing cellular standards announced finalizes specifications for standalone 5G technology. It paved way for cellular industry to start working on the 5G technology.

Unsurprisingly Sprint and LG have recently announced their plans to launch the first ever 5G smartphone in early next year. Even though they haven’t disclosed any specific details on device and timing yet they look very optimistic about the project.

In a statement, CTO of Sprint Dr. John Saw announced that with the help of an innovative technical team of LG, Sprint is moving fast in the road to launch the first 5G smartphone in near future. He further commended the LG team for developing the smartphone and allowing them to become front runner in 5G technology. They are hopeful that their customers will be able to experience a attractively designed and technically advanced 5G smartphone in near future.

According to Sprint, they have planned to establish a 5G network in 6 major cities of US within this year. Also 3 more cities in next year. Those cities include Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York city, Washington DC, Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago. Therefore these cities will be the first to able to use first 5G smartphone.

Furthermore due to the Multi-In, Multi-Out technology used in 5g networks the 5G networks will have 10 times higher capacity over existing 4G LTE networks. Therefore 5G customers will be able to experience much higher data rates in near future.


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