The Best Drones to Buy

During past few years the drone industry have evolved dramatically. Technological improvements have made the drones more efficient and more useful. New drone models with new features were introduced during the same time. Because of this drones have received increased attention from the public.

There are many drone models available to purchase with different features and performances. But selecting a suitable drone model is important.

Before buying a drone you should clearly identify your requirements of buying a drone. Is it just to have fun and play with it. Or is it to use for professional level photography. You should check the features of available drone models and select the drone model that matches your requirements. For that we can help you.

The best available drone models are listed below with detailed information about those drone models.

DJI Panthom 4

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DJI has already dominated the drone industry. One of their main products is the DJI Panthom 4 which is the successor of DJI Panthom 3. DJI Panthom 4 is one of the best performing drones available. It is popular for high 4K footage stability and great object avoidance capabilities. This is a great drone for professional grade photography and videography.

The camera of this drone has a f/2.8 aperture and capable of covering 94 degree view. With this camera you can record 4K quality videos at 30fps rate and can take 12 megapixel images. Also importantly you can see what you are filming on your smartphone or tablet in real time. For that you need to install DJI Pilot App on your Android or iOS device.

This drone has a robust looking design. It has a glossy white body that is made of magnesium alloy. This is far better than the plastic body available in DJI Panthom 3.

The camera is located facing ground direction. Also there are two sensors in front to observe obstructions in travel path and avoid those obstructions.

This drone uses GPS technology to locate its position. It actually needs to connect to 6 satellites to get a correct reading. Therefore it takes several minutes depending on the location to prepare itself to takeoff. Return to home facility is a handy feature that helps to return to the starting point if anything goes wrong.

Another advantage of this drone is that it has a maximum range of 3.1 miles. But the regulatory body in your region may restrict this range to a lower value.

Also you get a handset with Panthom 4. So you can control the drone, take pictures and take videos using the handset. Same thing can be done using the app interface.

This drone is equipped with a 5350mAh battery which allows 28 minutes of flying time. It is recommended that you make sure the battery doesn’t drop below 25% level.

DJI Mavic Pro


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DJI Mavic Pro is one of the smallest drones in DJI family. But the size has not affected its performance. It has a performance level similar to other high end drones of DJI. This drone is famous for its high portability. It will cost you about $800.

DJI Mavic Pro has a very compact design and has a very small size. This is achieved by allowing to fold the four arms towards the body. Also it weights only 743g.

It is equipped with front and bottom facing sensors to avoid obstacles. This drone offers automated return home feature when anything goes wrong. It uses GPS technology to locate itself. Also it has a maximum speed of 45mph. Furthermore importantly it has a maximum range of 4.3 miles.

The camera unit of this drone is non-removable. Also the camera lets recording 4K videos at 30fps rate and allow taking 12MP images.

The ActiveTrack feature is a very useful feature. When enabled it can track a moving object or person and get clear videos. It has the ability to track both from front and behind.

DJI Mavic Pro comes with a handset. The handset allows the user to control the drone, take pictures and and videos. You can see the live footage by using a smartphone. You can connect your smartphone directly to the handset. Also you can do same controls using your smartphone.

Also you can couple a VR headset with the device and see live footage from the VR headset. DJI has introduced their own VR headset for this purpose.

Furthermore this device consists of a 3830mAh battery that allows 27 minutes of flight time.

DJI Mavic Air


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DJI Mavic Air is a foldable and compact drone from the famous drone manufacturer DJI. This drone is famous for high portability and excellent obstacle avoidance capabilities. It will cost you about $799.

DJI Mavic Air is designed to be robust and compact. The four arms can fold towards the body. Once folded you can put it inside your pocket. It is weighing at 430g which is lighter when compared with most other drones. It comes in 3 colors white, red and black.

Camera of DJI Mavic Air allows you recording 4K video at 30fps and also take 12MP HDR pictures and 32MP panorama images.

This drone consists of a 8GB of internal memory. Also there is a MicroSD card slot to expand the memory capacity.

You will get a handset with the drone. You can control the drone, take pictures and take videos using the handset. Also you can connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the handset to see footage in real-time.

This drone can travel at maximum speed of 40mph. The maximum range of this device is 2.5 miles. It is lower when compared with most other drones of DJI. It also have a better obstacle avoidance capabilities to ensure a safe flight. This drone consists of a even-camera vision system and three-directional sensing to make sure it doesn’t crash during flight.

2375mAh battery included in this drone allows you only 21 minutes of flight time. It is a significant drawback of this device. It means that you need to have multiple batteries for longer use. Furthermore it will take 55 minutes to charge the battery in full.

Parrot Bebop 2


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Parrot Bebop 2 offers decent amount of features for a reasonable price. This drone will cost you only $275. This low cost is the main advantage of this device. You have to control the drone using your Android or iOS smartphone because you will not get a handset free of charge. But you can buy an optional FPV pack that include handset and a headset. This pack will let you remotely control the drone and watch live footage by inserting a smartphone to the headset.

Parrot Bebop 2 has a robust design and is made of plastics. Also rubber included in some places of the body to reduce impact of vibrations and shock.

With the “Follow Me” feature you can create a flight plan and let the drone follow that route. But unfortunately you need to pay extra to unlock this feature.

Maximum range of this drone lies at 300 meters. This is significantly low  when compared with other competitors. Also it can reach maximum speed of 37mph.

The camera consists of fish-eye lenses which allow 170 degree view. With this camera you can take 14MP pictures and record 1080p quality videos at 30fps rate. But unfortunately 4K is not supported which is a significant drawback of this device.

This drone consists of a 2700mAh battery which allows 25 minutes of flight time. This is a fair battery life when compare the price of this device.

DJI Inspire 2

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DJI Inspire 2 is considered to be the best performing commercial drone available today. This drone is designed with high quality and also empowered with so many useful features. Also this drone is highly expensive. It will cost you about $3000. Trust me, you will have value for every penny you spend.

Body made of magnesium aluminium composite and arms made of carbon fiber have added toughness to the device.

You can remove the camera attached to this device easily and replace the lens as per your requirement. DJI has a number of lens options to choose from. This feature make it very useful for professional photographers. Once used X5S camera with this drone you can record videos in 5.2K quality at 30fps rate. Also can take 30MP quality pictures.

DJI Inspire 2 can travel at a maximum speed of 45mph. Integrated advanced obstacle avoidance system, infrared sensors located on topside of the drone and terrain detection sensors located at bottom assure the safety of the drone during flight.

Furthermore you will get a remote controller with the drone. It will let you control the drone, take pictures and record videos using the remote controller. Also you can plug your Android or iOS smartphone to the remote controller and watch live footage from the smartphone. Also this device is capable of tracking moving objects and take photographs and videos while tracking.

Integrated 4280mAh battery allows 25 minutes of flight time. This is a great advantage of this drone given the amount of features it provide.

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