The Complete List Of Android OS Versions

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Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It was developed based on the well known Linux operating system.

Since Android was first introduced in 2008, it grew exponentially and became increasingly popular. At present it is the main operating system in the world for mobile devices. Nowadays Android runs on mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and even car audio systems.

How it all started

In year 2003 Android, Inc. started developing an operating system. Later Google purchased this company and continued developing the OS. Then the first ever Android OS version was launched by Google on 23rd September 2008. It was known as version 1.0 and did not have a code name.

Since then over a dozen different Android OS versions were introduced. Each of those had significant improvements over the previous version. All those OS versions were defined with a specific code name. Interestingly they were named after sweets. From Lollipop to Kitkat and from Donut to Ice Cream Sandwich.

List of Android OS Versions

Following table shows how Android operating system was evolved from version 1.0 up to the latest version Pie. Also it contains other important details about these versions.

Code NameVersion NumberAPI LevelLaunched Date
No codename1.0123rd September 2008
Petit Four1.129th February 2009
Cupcake1.5327th April 2009
Donut1.6415th September 2009
Eclair2.0-2.15-726th October 2009
Froyo2.2-2.2.3820th May 2010
Gingerbread2.3-2.3.79-106th December 2010
Honeycomb3.0-3.2.611-1322nd February 2011
Ice Cream Sandwich4.0-4.0.414-1518th October 2011
Jelly Bean4.1-4.3.116-189th July 2012
Kitkat4.4-4.4.419-2031st October 2013
Lollipop5.0-5.1.121-2212th November 2014
Marshmallow6.0-6.0.1235th October 2015
Nougat7.0-7.1.224-2522nd August 2016
Oreo8.0-8.126-2721st August 2017
Pie9.0286th August 2018

Current Usage

As of September 2018 as much as 30.8% of the Android devices run Nougat OS version and 22.7% of devices run Marshmallo OS version. Also Lollipop powers 19.2% of the devices and Oreo powers 14.5% of the devices . These 4 are the most used OS versions to date because they cover 87% of the entire Android market.

Unsurprisingly older OS versions have faded away. Only 0.6% of the devices use Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich at present. Other OS versions older than Gingerbread are almost extinct.

Since the latest version Pie was launched just on 6th August 2018 not much devices run it yet. But hopefully it will grab the market very soon.

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