What is a Smart TV? Everything You Need to Know About Smart TVs.

What is a Smart TV
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What is a Smart TV?

What is a Smart TV? A usual question that may be troubling your head. But don’t worry, we have the answers to your question.

Technology is evolving day-by-day. Television technology is not so different. Introduction of 4K HD resolution technology and HDR color technology are important innovations in television industry. But they all fall second to the innovation of Smart TVs.

To make it simple, a Smart TV is a television connected to internet that provides a bunch of services using internet. Smart TVs are more advanced than conventional TVs.

They grant access to online services such as video streaming, television streaming, playing video games, browsing internet, social networking and so on.

What you need to get these facilities is connectivity to internet. Importantly in order to use these features properly you need a more capable internet connection. These TVs can access internet either by a wireless WiFi connection to a WiFi router or by a wired connection to a router using an Ethernet cable.

You can install various apps to your smart TV and access a bunch of other features. Some of the notable apps are BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, Netflix, Amazon Instant, Spotify, Daily Burn and Hulu. Some of these apps may pre-installed into your TV. Some of these apps are free of charge. But some may need you to pay for subscription.

What is a Smart TV

Also these TVs let you connect your smart devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and video consoles to your smart TV and use various features such as view photos, stream videos, play YouTube videos and play games.

You may think that these smart TVs are very expensive. But the reality is you can buy a good quality smart TV for as low as $250.

The features available are different from vendor-to-vendor and model-to-model. Therefore you should take a look at the features offered by the TV before buying it. Samsung, LG, Sony and TCL are in the forefront in Smart TV manufacturing and have a good reputation in the industry.

Do you know that you can turn your old TV into a Smart TV? Even though this do not get you all the features of a Smart TV, this let you use some important features of Smart TVs. Actually there are few methods to do it. But following 2 methods are the most popular.

Streaming Sticks

What is a Smart TV
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You can connect a streaming stick to your old TV and use some smart features. These features include streaming of online videos, streaming of television shows and play video games. Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku Streaming Stick+ are among the popular products in this category.

Set Top Box

What is a Smart TV

Set top boxes are also a popular way to access smart features on a conventional TV. Streaming online videos, streaming of television shows, play video games and storage facilities for storing videos and photos are few of the important features offered by set top boxes. Amazon Fire TV and Apply TV are among popular products in this category. Set top boxes offer more features than streaming sticks. But set top boxes are expensive than streaming sticks.

Smart TV technology is evolving fast. New features are being introduced to Smart TVs rapidly. Therefore keep in mind that you’ll be able to see more advanced features in near future.

We hope that you got a clear understanding about this topic “What is a Smart TV?”. If you need any further information please let us know.

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