What is a Tablet? Everything You Need to Know About Tablets

What is a tablet


An introduction

Tablet or tablet computer is a thick and compact handheld personnel computer. It is equipped with a touch screen display, front and rear cameras and a rechargeable battery. Size of a tablet is in between smartphones and laptop computers, typically between 7 to 10 inches. Tablet capable of doing most of the tasks done in traditional computers. In some instances tablet computers perform tasks that unable to do by traditional computers.


Operating Systems and Apps

What is a Tablet

Tablet is equipped with an operating system and let the user to install apps. Most popular operating systems are Android, Apple iOS, Windows 7 and XP. There are wide variety of apps available to install in tablets such as Media Player apps, Internet Browser apps, Social Networking apps, Gaming apps and many more. Almost all the smartphone apps can install in tablets and also there are apps designed exclusively for tablets.


Features and Functions

With a tablet PC in hand user has the ability to do a lot of tasks easily. Few of those tasks done by tablet computers are mentioned below.

  1. Browse internet
  2. Watch music videos either offline or online
  3. Listen to music
  4. Listed to radio
  5. Make video calls using apps such as Skype
  6. Take photos or record videos
  7. Play games
  8. Read eBooks

Tablet PC is equipped with a microprocessor which is the brain of the device. Tablets use processors smaller than the processors found in computers. But they provide sufficiently large processing power to the tablets.

Tablet computers consist of a touch screen display. This touch screen display acts as the user input medium because the tablet doesn’t have a keyboard. There are two types of touch screen displays, resistive screens and capacitive screens.

Furthermore tablet PC is a wireless device. So it’s connectivity to internet is wireless and it is designed to use mobile internet or WiFi to connect to internet. Some tablets consist of a Bluetooth receiver to be able to connect Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth headsets to the tablet.

Also most tablet PCs contain both front and rear facing cameras to take photos, record videos and make video calls.

In addition accelerometer and gyroscope are among the sensors used in most tablet models. They add additional features to the device.

Also a recharge battery is included to provide power to the device. The battery capacity is different from model-to-model. Capacity of the battery is a significant factor that decide the value of the device.


The Tablet Industry

What is a tablet

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Amazon and Huawei are the leading manufacturers of tablet computers. There are wide range of tablet models available with different display sizes, different storage capacities, different processing powers, different quality cameras and many other different features. You can buy a good quality tablet for as low as $70.

Few of the most popular tablet models are mentioned below.

  1. Amazon Fire
  2. Apple iPad
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  4. Asus ZenPad 3S 10
  5. Lenovo Tab3 7
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro

Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular due to the features and facilities they offer and their compact size. Also technology related to tablets is improving fast. New features are being introduced and capabilities are being improved. Therefore users will be able to experience more advanced tablets in near future.

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