What’s a Smart Watch? An Insight Into Smartwatches!

What's a Smart Watch

If you have no proper knowledge on what’s a smart watch is and willing to learn, then you are at the right place.

An introduction

A smartwatch is a kind of portable computing device that can be worn on the wrist similarly to a traditional wrist watch. But they provide a bunch of more features than a traditional wrist watch. Smartwatch are equipped with touch screens. Also smartwatches contain an operating system and allows to install apps. They also can playback digital media such as audio files and radio streams.

Features and Functions of Smartwatches

In order to get the best out of your smartwatch you need to connect your smartwatch to your smartphone. Most smart watches are equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity to connect the smartwatch to a smartphone. By using that connectivity, smartwatches lets the user to access some of the functions available in user’s smartphone. Because of this, with your smartwatch you can answer phone calls, reply to emails or text messages, listen to music and do many other tasks.

Also smartwatches provide some other functions such as measuring heart beat rate of the user and display it in real time and provide driving directions to the user. Most smartwatches let the user to answer text messages by voice.

The Appearance

Another important aspect of smartwatches is their outer appearance. Smartwatch manufacturers trying hard to produce more and more attractive designs because people are very serious about the appearance of what they wear.

Top Smartwatch Brands

Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola are in forefront of smartphone manufacturing. Some of the popular smartphone models are Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony SmartWatch, LG G Watch Urbane and Motorola Moto 360. You can purchase a good quality smartwatch to around $200.

What's a Smart Watch

Tips for Buying a Smartwatch

Functions offered by smartwatches varies from brand-to-brand and from model-to-model. Therefore you need to take a look at the features offered by the smartwatch before buying it.

Another important thing to note is that you should check whether the smartwatch is compatible with your existing smartphone before buying it. That’s because not all the smartwatches support all the smartphones. Both smartwatch and smartphone should have compatible operating systems. Apart from that there are some smartwatches that support only certain smartphones. So they don’t depend only on the operating system compatibility.

Special Smartwatch Types

There are special types of smartwatches designed for special purposes such as athletic purposes and sailing purposes. These smartwatches contain functions designed specially to cater those purposes.

This is a fast evolving industry where new products are being introduced often. Therefore it is evident that users will be able to experience more advanced features in near future.

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