What’s Amazon Fire TV?

what's amazon fire tv

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Amazon has smashed into streaming world by unveiling the powerful product Amazon Fire TV. Amazon Fire TV provides the user an amazing experience. Following is all you need to know about this product.

Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media player. It allows the TV to connect to internet and access lots of online services. Actually it is a set top box that turns your TV into a smart TV. Amazon Fire TV’s functionality is similar to Apple TV and Roku. It allows the user to watch movies, listen to music, play games and use many other features. Also Amazon Fire TV support 4K Ultra HD, HDR video and 1080p HD resolution. A remote controller is delivered with the Fire TV to interact with the device.

Amazon Fire TV connects to the HDMI port of the TV using a HDMI cable. Also there is an Ethernet port to connect to a router to access internet. It also support wireless WiFi connectivity to access internet. An AC/DC power adapter is supplied to provide power to the TV box.

This device is equipped with Android based FireOS Operating System and it comes with hundreds of apps. Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, Disney, Pandora and Spotify are among the most popular apps supported by Fire TV.

Following are few of the features provided by Amazon Fire TV

Stream Videos

User can access thousands of online videos and movies and watch them on TV in real time. This is a major feature of this device. Videos can be accessed either by Amazon’s streaming videos service or through apps such as Hulu, Netflix and Disney. Some of these services are free of charge. But for some services user need to pay for subscription.

Play Games

what's amazon fire tv
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Users can access and play a large collection of games online. Some of these games are free of charge but for some you have to pay. If they wish they can employ a gaming console to play the games.

Stream Audio

By using this product users can listen to a large collection of audio tracks on the TV. They either can use Amazon’s own music store or through the apps such as Pandora and Spotify.

Stream Photos

Users can stream photos from other devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs and watch them on TV screen.

Another highlight of this product is the voice search facility. When you speak few words to the Fire TV’s remote you’ll get all the related videos, music and other details on the TV screen.

These are not all. There are so many other features provided by this product.

Amazon Fire TV vs Amazon Fire TV Stick

What is a Smart TV
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Amazon Fire TV Stick is also a similar product. The main difference is this product has a stick instead of the TV box in Amazon Fire TV. This stick can be connected directly to the HDMI port of the TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick uses a USB cable instead of a power adapter to drive power from the TV to the Stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick support only 1080p HD resolution. The 4K Ultra HD and HDR video resolutions provided with Fire TV Box is not available with this device.

Furthermore the Fire TV Box is faster and has a higher storage capacity compared to the Fire Stick.

Tips For Buying

Before you buying this product make sure your TV is compatible with this device.

Your TV should contain a HDMI port to connect this device.

Also it is important that your TV has sufficient video and audio quality to get a better outcome from this product.

Furthermore you need to have a fast internet connection to access most of these features, especially to stream videos and play games.

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